Schedule Jobs revised

Schedule jobs has been revised in version 10.8. we have a new property Restartable on the ScheduledPlugIn attribute, that can be defined as following

[ScheduledPlugIn(Restartable = true)]

Jobs having property “Restartable=true” will make sure it can be re-run to completion in case of crashes before next schedule time. There are few considerations for developers before using this.

  • The job should also be implemented in such a way that it can be started repeatedly. 
  • If the job processes data, it should be able to continue where it was aborted. 
  • It is also recommended to implement a stoppable job, but be aware that the Stop method will only be called for controlled shutdowns which can be picked up by ASP.NET, and not for uncontrolled shutdowns such as an IIS crash or other external changes.
  • In the unlikely event the job is repeatedly cancelled, or the job it

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