Zaius was destined to Optimizely

Optimizely(EPiServer)’s CDP journey that started from EPiServer Profile Store, destined to Optimizely Data Platform(Zaius). With the acquisition of Zaius, Optimizely (EPiServer) have a true and one of most sophisticated CDP into their product family. Partners and customers already having licenses of Visitor Intelligence should contact EPiServer/Optimizely support to know more about migrations plans.

Visitor Intelligence was a good product from many aspects but has some issues. Such as, segmentation is a key functionality of any CDP to look at customers as a group based on their demographical and behavioral data collected from different touchpoints. With Visitor Intelligence real-time event-based segmentation was not possible due to the 24-hour caching of data in the segments. Nearly real-time (5 minutes delay) segmentations were possible only on Profile, which means, any data that requires instant decision has to go into Profile object, making the profile object in itself a data store. Generally, even based segments caching is ok for many scenarios, but personalization based on real-time ‘events based’ segmentation wasn’t possible. E.g. for a case like “Personalise my banner if the user is visiting page X”. Within visitor intelligence we need to create a segment using KQL query on data available in ‘epiPageView’. A user visiting the next day was able to see that banner.

ODP isn’t just for segmentation, personalization, or data centralization, that gives a 360 view of customer journeys by bringing all the Optimizely and external data of customers together, from all the journeys and touchpoints to build a strong foundation for analytics and segmentation, by segmentation I mean real-time segmentation.

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