Serialize IContent to use in Angular like front technologies

(A self note) A generic service to convert IContent into an Expando Object, ExpandoObject  can be converted into JSON to use in Angular/React components.Find the code gist Limitations: not supporting multilingual not preparing friendly urls

Handle Exceptions in Find

If it’s repetitive, it can be automated. Think about the following requirements. Have you ever hoped there would be a better way to implement them? INotifyPropertyChanged Undo/redo Code contracts (preconditions) Logging Transaction handling Exception handling Thread dispatching Thread synchronization Immutable Authorization Audit Caching Exceptions in Find Generally we will be doing this       […]

Useful Nuget commands

Having the little knowledge of Nuget Commands is important if your company is thinking to adopt EPiServer Continuous Release Process. In Visual Studio Click  Tools>Nuget Package Manager>Package Manage Settings, Select from Options, Package manager>Package Sources.Click + Button and add an entry with Name: EpiServer packagesSource: After these setting you are ready to use EPiserver […]

Blocks for EPiServer Commerce Catalog Nodes

Can we use Blocks with Catalog nodes? In theory Yes, what can stop you. We had a requirement when CMS editor can add a Carousel Block to Catalog Nodes. But Block Gadget was not available in CMS Catalog Edit Mode. Only available gadgets were Catalog, Media, Latest and Versions. From architecture point of view I […]