How to render SVG in edit mode

Self note: SVG is a smart media format that enables us to use same image in different sizes without compromising on quality and performance. EPiServer supports SVGs but images will not display in editor mode while using the IMG tag, as media urls are updated with version details. e.g. “globalassets/160-835st_bilok_2_screw_straight8mm_x_35mm.svg” will change as  “/episerver/CMS/Content/globalassets/en/160-835st_bilok_2_screw_straight8mm_x_35mm.svg,,1823?epieditmode=False&visitorgroupsByID=undefined”. EpiServer […]

Useful Nuget commands

Having the little knowledge of Nuget Commands is important if your company is thinking to adopt EPiServer Continuous Release Process. In Visual Studio Click  Tools>Nuget Package Manager>Package Manage Settings, Select from Options, Package manager>Package Sources.Click + Button and add an entry with Name: EpiServer packagesSource: After these setting you are ready to use EPiserver […]

Blocks for EPiServer Commerce Catalog Nodes

Can we use Blocks with Catalog nodes? In theory Yes, what can stop you. We had a requirement when CMS editor can add a Carousel Block to Catalog Nodes. But Block Gadget was not available in CMS Catalog Edit Mode. Only available gadgets were Catalog, Media, Latest and Versions. From architecture point of view I […]